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About Hollytree

Landscaping and Retaining Wall Construction

Hollytree has been in the landscaping and retaining wall construction business for more than two decades. We began by providing services including everything from complete landscape design and installation to excavation, irrigation installation, retaining walls, including shoreline erossion control walls, and anything needed for your outdoor projects from start to finish. Although our company is highly diversified you can be assured that every facet has trained professionals to take care of your needs.

Owners Mark and Kim make a great team to meet all of our customers needs.  Each having their own area of specialty… if you want a wall or have a grade/drainage issues Mark can handle it.  And, if you want to install new shrubs and beds or maybe rennovate your existing Kim can handle it with a great creativity.

We look forward to the opportunity of providing services to you for any of your outdoor projects or needs. We thank our many customers for their business, and their contribution to Help The Local Economy by choosing a contractor who is locally owned.

“Earning Customers for Life”

“Earning Customers for Life”


As professionals, we take great pride our work. We don’t just want your landscaping to look nice, we want to help you maximize your budget to make it look AWESOME! If you are looking for a way to increase the property value of your home, beautiful landscaping is an investment that will give you great returns. Let our experienced team save you the sweat and pain of creating a beautiful landscape by doing the work for you.

Most of our landscaping installations begin with a design that is drawn up by our professionals, approved by you and installed by us. We are flexible and willing to work with any project, whether it be commercial, residential and anything in between. No job is too small or too large.

Our experienced team does quality landscaping work very efficiently. When they are scheduled to be on site they will be there on time and ready to transform your property into exactly what you want.

Landscape Design

With our landscape design software we come and take a picture of your house and then design in 3D formate so you can see what the project will look like upon completion.We turn your ideas into a computerized design before any ground is broken. Our computer modeling system can save you time and money so no mistakes are made. You approve the design before we do any work.

Langscape Installation

After a design has been created and the owners are ready to break ground, our team goes straight to work and wastes no time in getting your project finished and looking great so you can begin to enjoy the beauty of your project.
Upon installation commencement, the design professional will come to lay out the job according to the agreed design and job details. We prefer the customer be onsite to review and approve the layout.

Landscape Lighting and Installation

Show off your beautiful house and landscaping with a professionally designed lighting package that will highlight the beauty as well as accent special features of your home and landscape. Our landscape lighting team is trained to design a system which will create the perfect ambiance. Landscape lighting design requires artistic technique, and understanding that ‘more isn’t better’. When the sun goes down don’t be left outside in the dark, call us.

We can install new lighting systems or repair or replace existing lighting systems. When it comes to low voltage lighting systems, call our team before calling an electrician. We focus on achieving that certain look that will stop cars on roads just to catch a glimpse of your beautiful house and landscaping at night.

Moonlighting is the art of artificially reproducing a full moon night. We have perfected the art of reproducing a full moon night right in your back yard every night. We place a low wattage light high in a tree where it is concealed but with the shadows cast from the branches the effect is visually stimulating. We commonly receive referrals from friends and family of current customers who have seen our moonlight in action.
Mushroom lights:
Add ambiance to any area of your garden with mushroom lighting. Mushroom lights, also called scoop lights, are usually mounted on stakes or posts. They have a mushroom- or scoop-shaped hat, hence the name. The hat helps reflect and spread the light over the ground, instead of in people’s faces. They are great for the garden, steps and pathways.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Retaining Walls, Patios and Sidewalks, accent Features like benches or steps and much more.

Shrub Maintenance

We offer a shrub maintenance program that includes four trimmings per year as well as fresh mulch installation.? Leaf removal is also available. Let us keep your landscape beds looking beautiful all year long.

Heavy Machinery Operation and Material Delivery

Dump Trucks, Excavator, Dozer, Skidloader, Tractor, Harley Rake, and More- we have them all. We can deliver, level, dig, rake and much more with our machines. Our heavy equipment is available for all types of jobs so call us and put us to work for you.

Bulk Material

We have bulk material for pickup or call us for delivery price.

Premium Topsoil
Mushroom compost
Topsoil / Compost mix (perfect for gardens!)
River Rock
Cedar Mulch
Hardwood Mulch

Landscape design using modern 3D technology to enhance the look of your home or business.


“Earning Customers for Life”

Shoreline Retaining Walls

Shoreline Erosion Control

Normally natural stone retaining walls are a big expense, but we’ve taken steps to make beautiful natural stone retaining walls affordable. We are certified to obtain our stone directly from the quarry, and have the specialized equipment to handle it. These stones weigh up to 7000 lbs each, they are massive and quite impressive. Standing next to the wall makes it very apparent to see they are indestructible. Our walls are engineered with the engineer’s stamp of approval satisfying the Army Corp of Engineers and GRDA regulations. The #1 failure in retaining wall systems is water saturating the dirt behind the wall. This is not an issue with our walls because the natural stone drains naturally.

As a landscaping and retaining wall construction company we have been building walls for nearly two decades and have had zero failures even in areas with tremendous wave action. . . our walls will withstand the test of time.

“Earning Customers for Life”

Landscape Retaining Walls

Is your yard washing away due to erosion? Are your railroad ties failing? We can help you by installing a Natural Limestone wall! This is a great alternative to any other wall because of its beauty and function. You can then have the option of Hollytree?s design staff designing and installing plants in the larger areas between stones throughout the walls. This will result in a more pleasing aesthetic look as well as making your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

Landscape wall in work.

“Earning Customers for Life”

Top Soil

Our premium topsoil comes directly from a farm field, as you can see in the photo. Doesn’t come from another jobsite and isn’t leftover from another project and isn’t just a pile of clay with the rocks screened out. We purchased the property just so we could have premium topsoil for our jobs and our customers…you can see the soybeans growing in the field. The topsoil is balanced with proper pH and nutrients. We do not strip the soil to clay level so that you get best quality topsoil available.

“Earning Customers for Life”

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“Earning Customers for Life”

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“Earning Customers for Life”

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